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March 21, 2008


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Help! My lenses aren't focussing in tandem on my Sputnik.
How much would you charge to realign them with your method outlined above?
Also posted to the MF3D Group....

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Hi -- thanks for all the info! I'm waiting for mine to arrive from Russia. Quick question: will any old cable release do? I haven't used such an old camera before so I'm a bit at a loss -- is this sort of cable release standardized? Any help (e.g. a link to what to buy!) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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waiting for mine to arrive from Russia.

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Great info. I also have a Sputnik. Sadly, it is becoming difficut to find stuff these days.I am thinking about producing 3000-4000 cardboard mounting masks for MF. I will try to sell them as a non-profit (i.e I will keep 500 for myself and sell the rest only to cover production costs). If anybody knows of an active MF stereo club pls let me know at bbrio1@globo.com

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